Nutrient Scavenger

Soil   Builder

Erosion Control

Weed Suppression

Forage Quality

Very Good


Very Good

Very Good

Very Good

Quick Growth


Winter Barley

*Ratings come from the Midwest Cover Crop Council

Drilled Seeding Depth:

¾-1½ inches

Drilled Seeding Rate:

60-80* lb./A PLS 

Broadcast Seeding Rate:

75-100* lb./A PLS 

Aerial Seeding Rate:

90-120* lb./A PLS 

Min. Germination Temp.:


Winter Survival:


*If used for forage/grazing increasing seeding rate is recommended. Success of overseeding or aerial seeding after main crop maturity and before harvest is dependent on rainfall and although it can work well, it is usually less dependable than drilling or soil incorporation of seed.