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* Cover Crop Seed Sales

* Custom Seed Cleaning

* Line Up Aerial Application

* Line Up Custom Drilling

* Custom Interseeding

* Contract Local Oats/Cereal Rye Seed Growers

Our Mission:

Sponheim Sales and Services strives to promote the adaptation of conservation practices: cover crop and strip/no tillage, by providing individualized customer service, knowledge, and products for farmers, growers, and retailers.


Dean Sponheim is a fourth generation Mitchell County Farmer, located southwest of Osage, IA. He owns and operates the family’s Century Farm with wife, Cindy, and his son, Josh.  He started farming in 1979 with his father and brother. Dean became a Pioneer Sales Rep in 1995 and recently transitioned the agency to long-time employee, Rachel Amundson. Dean started many different farming practices for reasons other than conservation. He began strip tilling in 1999 and in 2004 started a custom strip till business. He began strip cropping in 2011. Dean started aerial applying cover crops in the fall of 2012 and in 2014 along with son, Josh, and co-worker, Rachel, started a cover crop seed business, Sponheim Sales & Services. He is a member of the Rock Creek Watershed Advisory Board. In 2014 the board, with the assistance from the Iowa Soybean Association, developed the first watershed project plan in the state of Iowa based on the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Goals. Since 2014, Dean has shared his story to many groups. Dean has hosted and presented at many field days across Iowa and Minnesota. His real passion is helping producers work through the psychological challenges when implementing “Change”.  

Rachel Amundson grew up on a family farm near Osage, IA where she now farms with her husband, Alec and brother, Adam. The family farm has a long history of using conservation tillage and cover crops and continues to implement these practices and most recently adding small grains to their rotation. Rachel is a Pioneer Sales Rep. 

Rachel is a graduate of Iowa State University with degrees in Agricultural Studies and Agronomy. Prior to moving back to the Osage area, Rachel worked as a Precision Ag. Specialist in North Central Iowa.

Rachel and her husband Alec have 2 young daughters, Nora and Julia. In their spare time they enjoy kayaking, boating and spending time outdoors with family.

Josh Sponheim grew up on his family farm near Osage, IA. Josh graduated from Iowa State University in 2004 with degrees in Agricultural Studies and Agronomy. Josh spent 7 years working in Agronomy retail in both the Cooperative and privately owned Ag business's. In 2012, Josh began working in the Precision Ag department for a Cooperative in East Central Iowa.  Wanting to be back on the family farm, Josh made the jump to Premier Crop Systems in 2014, continuing to work in Precision Ag. Josh and his dad farm together on their land in southwest Mitchell County. Josh recently became a father to son, Kole.   


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